Episerver.Forms and the solving of a performance issue

Forms are a key element of many websites to collect information and interact with visitors. Some examples of such forms are Contact us, Sign up for our newsletter and Apply for a job.

The block-based approach Episerver.Forms makes assembling a new form a familiar experience for Episerver-editors. Complex forms require a large number of blocks, and thus a large amount of clicking, typing and publishing. Even though the experience is familiar, creating a form is not necessarily a five-minute task.

A small form with two-three text-inputs, a few radio buttons and a submit button are quick to set up and works flawless. Real life use cases are not always quick and flawless. When a customer created a quite large form, with five text fields, 70 groups of radio buttons and a total of 35 headings, the page containing the form took 25 seconds to load. Not so quick and flawless anymore.
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