Exclude content from search engines

Best practices for excluding your Optimizely CMS test content from search engines like Google, along with some tips on what to do—and what not to do—if your content is already indexed.


ChatGPT created Snake for my 404 page!

I discovered that I didn't have a 404 page! Since I wanted something that stood out from the crowd, I asked ChatGPT to create a retro-inspired Snake game for it!


Bedre kodesøk på GitHub

GitHub Code Search lar deg raskt og enkelt sÞke i bÄde egen og andres kode.

Group Sanity fields in tabs

Sanity has launched a new feature called field groups. Field groups work almost as tabs. Learn how to make them work exactly like tabs!


Change timezone for a Linux-based Azure WebApp

The time zone for a Windows-based Azure WebApp can be set using the WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE app setting. If you try the same with a Linux-based WebApp you may find yourself in trouble. Read how to do it!


Sanity and Slack integration with GROQ-powered webhooks

The newly released GROQ-powered webhooks for Sanity unlock some interesting new possibilities. Use the query language GROQ to define which documents should trigger a webhook and what its payload should be. See how to post messages directly to Slack!


Scroll to the top, and beyond!

Do you ever find yourself switching from on-page editing view to all-properties editing view to access basic information about the current page in Episerver CMS? You don't have to do that! Just scroll upwards!


Restore point-in-time backup for Azure SQL database

If you are doing manual updates directly to your Episerver database, or performing an upgrade that updates the database schema it could be a good idea to have a backup from the exact time right before the change is made. In Azure, you always have!

Azure SQL

Flytt hjem: Azureressurser i Norway East

For noen mÄneder siden var det ikke fritt frem for Ä opprette SQL-databaser i Azure-regionen Norway East - men nÄ er det! Jeg viser hvordan man kan flytte en Azure SQL-database pÄ tvers av regioner.

Azure SQL

Episerver Scheduled jobs - Make it fail!

If you write code that is likely to fail, it is good practice to wrap that section of code in a try-catch-clause and handle the exception. For scheduled jobs, it's the opposite! If something fails, be sure to throw that exception!

Scheduled jobs SQL

Syntax highlight code snippets in Episerver - Part 1: The basics

Episerver is perhaps not the most used platform for developer blogs, but adding code snippets can be useful in other scenarios too. Adding syntax highlighting to TinyMCE is easy, using the Code Sample plugin. It works well with both Prism.js and Highlight.js, two popular syntax highlighters.

Syntax highlight code snippets in Episerver - Part 3: Display language label

I would like to display the name of the programming language in the top right corner of my code snippets. One problem with this is, that I do not want to add any extra markup. I want to use the unmodified Code Sample plugin, I want to be able to change or reposition the label in the future.

The globe is back!

After disappearing in Episerver.CMS.UI 11.21.0, the globe is finally back in Episerver.CMS.UI 11.30.0.


Episerver icons - use them!

When creating Episerver tools, editors and plugins, maintaining a consistent look and feel is a good thing. See what icons are available!

What happened to Episerver Social Reach?

Reading the documentation, Episerver Social Reach sounds like a nice tool, being able to post to multiple social media from the same user interface. I'm sorry, but Episerver Social Reach is dead!


Identify your Episerver content!

You can have multiple pages with the same name, you can even have a block and an image with the same name. When we are communicating about content, the name is not always the best.


Bedre bildehåndtering for redaktører i Episerver

I lĂžpet av de to siste Ă„rene har det kommet flere forbedringer som gjĂžr det enklere for redaktĂžrer Ă„ jobbe med bilder i Episerver CMS. Forbedringene for har kommet gradvis over tid. Her kommer en oppsummering!


Edit mode search for Episerver page id

The search bar above the page tree in edit mode makes it easy to locate content without browsing the page tree. If you want to search for the page id, we should make some improvements!


Convert Episerver Blocks!

Content in Episerver CMS is organized using pages and blocks. If you by accident create the wrong page type, Episerver provides a feature for converting pages to a different page type. But what about blocks? Can they be converted? No! I had a look, and I was able to convert blocks too!

Attribute to set TinyMCE settings per property in Episerver

After the introduction of TinyMCE editor v2, creating an initialization module is the recommended way of configuring TinyMCE in Episerver. This works well when you want the same configuration for all your XhtmlString properties, but that is not always the case.


Make Episerver string textbox property wider!

Using UIHint you may choose if a string property should be displayed as a single-line or a multi-line editor. But why is the multi-line editor so wide, and the single-line editor so narrow? We can fix that!


Inspect your Episerver Find index!

Have you ever published a meaningless change to a Episerver page, just to make sure the Find index is up to date? Have you struggled with the Find UI to figure out what’s indexed for the page you just had opened in edit mode? One simple addon solves both problems!

Episerver Find Modules Search

Put the globe back in Episerver!

In the latest update of the Episerver UI, a handy shortcut (the globe) was removed from the toolbar. Using dojo and javascript, I created a module that puts the globe back!


Move property to a non-existing tab!

I’ve previously described how you can move built-in Episerver properties to a different tab. This will only work perfectly if the destination tab already contains another property for the same page. If not, the title will look strange, the sort order will be missing, etc. Today we will move a property to a non-existing tab!


What’s in your head?

In Episerver CMS, you are probably familiar with the concept of grouping properties into tabs. I show how you may move Episerver's built-in properties, and even tamper with the special tab PageHeader.


DropDownList in on-page editing?

The attributes [SelectOne] and [SelectMany] can be used in combination with a SelectionFactory to create Episerver properties in the form of DropDownLists and CheckBoxLists. Let's make them work in one-page edit!


Change text in the Episerver UI

The texts in the Episerver UI can sometimes be confusing for the editors. Luckily, we can override all texts stored in Episervers language files, in two easy steps.


Episervers modulinnstillinger

Et Episerver-nettsted av en viss stÞrrelse vil normalt ha en del konfigurasjon som avanserte redaktÞrer og administratorer har et forhold til, og trenger Ä endre. Her er en mÄte Ä lÞse det pÄ.

Episerver.Forms and the solving of a performance issue

A form with more than a handful form elements can get incredible slow, if you use the element «Rich text (with placeholder)». I came across a form that took 25 seconds to load, resulting in over 700 calls to the database. Some rewriting got the loading time down to 256 milliseconds!

Episerver Forms