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What happened to Episerver Social Reach?

During Episerver’s great «Come back stronger» initiative that lasted from April 1st until the end of June 2020, I took a few e-learnings courses and convinced a couple of our customers to do the same.

I have never used Episerver Social Reach previously and did not have second thoughts when one of the customers wanted to try it out after completing the editor course where it was demonstrated as a useful tool.

According to the user guide Social Reach let you easily post to various social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

However, the only thing that works is posting to Twitter. I have been in contact with Episerver support and encouraged them to update the documentation, or at least add a warning that posting to LinkedIn and Facebook does not work. They did not listen to my suggestion.

I feel bad for trusting the documentation, installing Social Reach, spending both my own and my customer’s time, for really nothing but frustration and broken promises. There are better ways to post to Twitter than Social Reach!

Please, please, can you update the documentation?