How to type «special characters» – and ALT-codes without the numpad

I'm used to typing some special characters using the ALT-key + the numbers on my keyboards numpad. A while ago I switched to a keyboard without a numpad, and I had to figure out how to live without it!


These are the decimal Unicode representation of the characters.

To type these without a numpad, I install AutoHotkey, and create the following script.


This will let me use my normal number keys as my numpad, and type special characters like I used to while holding down the left ALT key.

Also, with AutoHotkey I don't even have to remember those Unicode numbers, I can add this to my script.

^8::Send {U+AB}
^9::Send {U+BB}
^-::Send {U+2013}

I can now type «quotes» with CTRL + 8 and CTRL + 9 – and the long dash () with CTRL + - (short dash).


That's it!