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Replace the link to the Optimizely User Guide

The Optimizely (formerly Episerver) user interface has a link to the User Guide.
The Optimizely CMS user interface with the link to the User Guide.

If you want to replace this link with your own, you can!

Step 1 - create your own UserGuideUrlProvider implementation

Return your preferred URL.

public class CustomUserGuideUrlProvider : UserGuideUrlProvider
    public CustomUserGuideUrlProvider(ICurrentUiCulture currentUiCulture, ServiceAccessor<RequestContext> requestContext) : base(currentUiCulture, requestContext)


    public override string Url => "https://www.gulla.net/en/blog/";

Step 2 - register your implementation with the DI container

public class UserGuideInitializer : IConfigurableModule
    public void ConfigureContainer(ServiceConfigurationContext context)
        context.Services.AddSingleton<UserGuideUrlProvider, CustomUserGuideUrlProvider>();

Step 3 - update the link text (optional)

You can do this with an XML file as described earlier.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <language name="English" id="en">
						  <userguide>My User Guide</userguide>

The updated User Guide menu item with the custom link and link text.

Custom User Guide link

That's it!