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New ways to add content from within TinyMCE in Optimizely CMS 12

Optimizely CMS has a weekly release cycle, today's release had a few updates regarding the rich text editor, TinyMCE.

One update that caught my attention was: Allow selecting content from TinyMCE

If you use the default settings, you will get this new button on the toolbar.

Optimizely CMS, TinyMCE with epi-create-block

If you have manually configured the toolbar in your code, you will have to add epi-create-block to the toolbar configuration.

Create New Block...

The first option will open a new window where you can create a new block, and then add the block to TinyMCE. The block will be saved in the «For This Page» assets folder.

Select Content...

The second option will let you select any content, and add it to TinyMCE just as if you had dragged and dropped it into TinyMCE.

Optimizely CMS content selector

You may add...

That's all from today's Optimizely news!