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Optimizely CMS image anonymization now available for Linux!

In 2019, I created an add-on for Optimizely CMS that allows you to modify images upon upload. In my example, I censor faces by drawing a black rectangle over the eye region.

This specific use case might not be very common, but you can apply similar principles to flag images that include faces, or to prevent the upload of images containing adult content, etc.

The previous version was only compatible with Windows due to its use of System.Drawing. The latest version has been updated to .NET 6 and now uses SixLabors.ImageSharp for image modification.

The current add-on will censor all faces in an image and works whether there is a single face (like in the header) or a large, happy (AI-generated) family, as shown in the picture below.

A group of people posing for a photo

The full source code is available on GitHub and a NuGet package is aslo available.

Visual Studio, with «include prerelease» checked

Because one of the dependencies is a prerelease of Microsoft.Azure.CognitiveServices.Vision.Face, you must tick the checkbox «Include prereleases» in Visual Studio.