Tags: Azure Optimizely/Episerver

Identify Azure web app instance id's for an Optimizely CMS site

When running Optimizely CMS in Azure, you will be using an instance bound cloud license.

Find the currently running instances

In admin mode, on the «Config» tab, you will find «Manage Websites». Select the «Cloud instance» tab, and you will see the number of servers/instances per website.

Optimizely CMS, Manage Websites

If you hover the number indicating the number of servers, you will get a list of instance id's.

Find the instance ID's of your Azure WebApp

Using the Azure Portal, navigate to your web app, and select «Health check» in the section «Monitoring».

Azure Portal, Monitoring, Health check

Next, select the «Instances» tab, and you will see the instance id (hopefully matching those from Optimizely CMS admin mode) in the «Server»-column.

Azure portal, Monitoring, Health check, Instances

That's all!