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Open AI GPT - using AI to feed an AI: Talk to my blog!

This Monday OpenAI rolled out custom versions of ChatGPT that you can create for a specific purpose, calledĀ GPTs. It essentially functions as a chatbot with the powers of GPT-4, that can be created without the need for writing code.

I wanted to create my own GPT, and lacking a better idea I created a GPT with the combined knowledge of all my blog posts.

My GPT, a chatbot for my blog

You can configure the GPT as follows.

I configured my GPT as follows.

The configuration of my GPT

I also created an API that is usingĀ Optimizely Graph semantic search to respond with a list of 10 or less blog posts in response to a query from the GPT. My blog is running Optimizely CMS 12, .NET 7 and I'm using StrawberryShake to generate the GraphQL client.

In order for the GPT to call my API, I provided an OpenAPI schema that documents how to call it.

In total, it took me less than one hours to create the GPT, including the time it took to create and deploy the API.

You can test my GPT here:

Exciting times ahead!