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Power Optimizely CMS with the brand new GPT-4 language model!

Things are moving fast in the land of AI. 15 days ago I published a blog post on how to power Optimizely CMS with the same language model as ChatGPT was using back then, GPT-3.5.

Three days ago, Open AI made the new language model GPT-4 available for their paying customers, and on the same day, they opened up a waitlist for API access to GPT-4.

I got access 20 minutes ago, and my CMS website is already generating blog posts using GPT-4!

Grafisk brukergrensesnitt, tekst, applikasjon, e-post

How? Just use the same code as in this blog post from two weeks ago, and replace the name of the language model with gpt-4.

According to the documentation, some GPT-4 models allow up to four times as many tokens, but I've got access to the 8k token version only.

Bear in mind that GPT-4 is way slower than GPT-3.5, so test for yourself and see if it's worth it.

An example of a GPT4-API-generated blog post:
Navigating the Nutrient Challenges of a Strict Vegan Diet

Good luck - have fun! 🤖