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The Great Dane Standoff: A Hilarious Danish Tradition

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Hej! Welcome back to our "Funny World Traditions" blog, where we explore the quirky, little-known customs and practices from around the globe. Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of the Danes! Denmark is known for many things: Vikings, mouthwatering pastries, and of course, their world-famous hygge. But did you know about the Danish tradition of "Bundfaldspokalen"? Grab your favorite smørrebrød and let's dive into the hilarious story of the Great Dane Standoff!

The Great Dane Standoff: Bundfaldspokalen

Bundfaldspokalen is a peculiar Danish tradition that dates back to the 19th century. It's a competition where two participants sit face-to-face, holding eye contact without blinking for as long as possible. The person who blinks first loses and must pay for the next round of beer. This quirky custom is a nod to the great Viking stare-downs of yore, where they would engage in intense eye contact to determine their opponent's mettle before a battle. Talk about a literal staring contest!

You might be wondering how this strange practice became a Danish pastime. Legend has it that a Danish brewer named Jens Bundfald, while trying to create the perfect beer, accidentally brewed a batch that left people temporarily paralyzed. He named the beer "Bundfald's Brew," and it quickly became the go-to drink for people looking for an intense staring contest. Thankfully, the paralyzing side-effect has long since been forgotten, but the tradition of Bundfaldspokalen lives on in pubs across Denmark.

How to Participate in Bundfaldspokalen

If you ever find yourself in a Danish pub, you might have the opportunity to participate in this odd yet entertaining contest. Here are the basic rules to get you started:

  1. Find a willing opponent. This might be a close friend, or maybe even a friendly stranger eager to engage in the stare-down.
  2. Sit facing each other with a table between you. Be sure to maintain a respectable distance, as we wouldn't want anyone to end up with a black eye!
  3. Place a fresh, cold pint of beer on the table. This will be the prize for the victor of the Bundfaldspokalen.
  4. With intense focus and determination, maintain eye contact without blinking. Remember, the first person to blink must buy the next round of beer.
  5. Enjoy the hilarity that ensues as you try to maintain your composure, and don't forget to laugh at yourself and your opponent!


The Bundfaldspokalen is a testament to the quirky, lighthearted nature of the Danes. It's a hilarious tradition that brings friends, families, and even strangers together, showcasing the Danish penchant for finding joy in the simplest of things. So the next time you're in Denmark, embrace your inner Viking and challenge a friend to a good old-fashioned Great Dane Standoff. Skål!