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The Mysterious Huldufólk: Iceland's Hidden Elves

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Nestled between the Arctic and the North Atlantic Oceans, Iceland is a land of breathtaking natural beauty, boasting remarkable landscapes shaped by volcanic and glacial activity. The country's unique charm doesn't end with its geological wonders, though; it is also home to an enchanting cultural belief in the existence of the "huldufólk," or hidden people. This little-known fact about the Icelandic people offers a fascinating glimpse into their rich folkloric traditions and deep connection with the natural world.

The Huldufólk: Who Are They?

In Icelandic folklore, the huldufólk are supernatural beings who inhabit a parallel world and are believed to live in harmony with nature. They are often described as human-like in appearance but possess supernatural powers, such as the ability to make themselves invisible. Some accounts suggest that they are actually the same size as humans, while others describe them as smaller, elf-like creatures. Regardless of their appearance, the huldufólk are said to have a strong connection to the land and are considered protectors of the environment.

Belief in the Huldufólk: A Living Tradition

Although it might seem like a relic of ancient folklore, belief in the huldufólk persists in modern-day Iceland. Surveys have shown that a significant portion of the population believes in, or at least entertains the possibility of, the existence of these hidden beings. It's not uncommon for Icelanders to build small houses or structures in their gardens to accommodate the huldufólk, a practice that demonstrates the enduring nature of this belief.

The Huldufólk and Icelandic Culture

The belief in huldufólk is deeply rooted in Icelandic culture and is often reflected in art, literature, and music. Many folktales revolve around encounters between humans and huldufólk, typically involving a moral lesson about respecting nature and the importance of living in harmony with the environment.

In contemporary times, the huldufólk have come to symbolize Iceland's deep-rooted connection to nature and the preservation of its unique landscapes. Some environmental campaigns have even incorporated the huldufólk into their messaging, urging people to consider the impact of their actions on these hidden beings and the natural world they protect.

The Role of the Huldufólk in Modern Development

The belief in huldufólk has also impacted urban planning and construction in Iceland. It's not unheard of for development projects to be altered or postponed to avoid disturbing the supposed homes of the huldufólk. In some cases, construction workers will even consult with "elf experts" or mediums who claim to communicate with the hidden people to ensure that their habitats are not disturbed.


The enduring belief in the huldufólk among the people of Iceland offers a fascinating insight into the nation's rich cultural heritage and strong connection to its natural environment. While the existence of these hidden beings might seem like a charming piece of folklore, their role in contemporary Icelandic society underscores the importance of preserving the country's unique landscapes and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the natural world.