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Deep linking from broken links report to Optimizely edit mode

On April 27th 2023 Optimizely released EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.19.0, and the new feature called Deep linking from content in Dashboard or Broken Links report to Edit. Let's see what this means.

Me and link validation in Optimizely CMS has a long history. Let's just say; It's complicated.

Let's talk about what's new! Let's do this bottom-up.

Updates to the database schema

If you really know link validation in Optimizely CMS, you are probably familiar with the database table tblContentSoftlink. With this update a new column is added: fkOwnerPropertyDefinitionID.

Why is this important? Until you run the scheduled job «Link Validation», the new feature will not work!

Updates to the dashboard gadget

The dashboard has recently been reintroduced to Optimizely CMS 12, and it has a gadget that shows broken links. In the same release as the deep linking was introduced, the broken links gadget is also updated.

It now shows the number of broken links per page, and the links will take you to the first broken link on that page.

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Updates to the link status report

The link status report has a new column that corresponds to the new column in the database table tblContentSoftlink.

NB: The new column only gets populated when you publish content. To populate this for existing content, see this blog post.


If you click the link in the column «Property Name», you will be taken directly to edit mode with the correct property in focus.

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Property are updated with link validation warning

If you look at the very bottom of the image above, you will see the warning «Footer contains broken link(s)». This will warn you about the broken link, even if you did not navigate here from the link status report.

Page validation warning added

At the top of the page, an orange circle indicates a warning, at the same place you will see other validation messages, it be warnings or errors.


Click the orange circle to read the full warning message.

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Broken links lead to poor user experience, and are annoying for your users. Broken links might impact SEO, as broken links can be seen as a sign of poor maintenance, and can negatively impact your score on Google.

With this update Optimizely has made it easier to locate and fix your broken links. As Optimizely now reminds you on your broken links in a lot of new places, it will become really annoying for you as an editor if you do not fix them!


Update: I have found some issues that have been reported.