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Developers, developers, developers!

In 2020 Episerver acquired Optimizely, and they have now combined their existing products and solutions under a renewed Optimizely brand.

Prior to the rebranding Episerver World, simply referred to as «World», was the one-stop-shop for developers. Release notes, the latest blog posts, the latest forum posts, the top community contributors. It was all there on the front page of World.

At that time developers were important. The community was important.

After the rebranding developers do not seem that important anymore. The community does not seem that important anymore. In fact, all the community updates have been hidden away in a dark corner, and if you are lucky you can find it deep in the menu on Optimizely World.


I think the community, and especially the developers, deserve a little more than that. I think we deserve a little more Ballmer spirit!

Steve Ballmer, CEO at Microsoft, during the keynote at a 2009 developer conference.

Without developers you are nothing! Without the community you are nothing!