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Do not upgrade to EPiServer.CMS.Core 12.21.4 without reading this!

In todays release 510 of Optimizely CMS, bug CMS-27598 is reportedly fixed. This bug was reported by me in April 2023.

The problem I reported, is visible when you have multiple languages with fallback, and use the default sorting options in the CMS. The CMS will then always sort the pages based on the master language, not on the current language.

Example before todays update, the bottom of the bloglist in English:

Grafisk brukergrensesnitt, tekst, applikasjon, e-post

The blog posts are sorted by the displayed publish date, and you will see that the blog post with publish date in April is not sorted correctly. The reason? The master language is Norwegian, and has start publish set to March 3rd.

Subpage sort order set in the CMS:

Grafisk brukergrensesnitt

The same list in Norwegian:

Grafisk brukergrensesnitt, tekst, applikasjon, e-post

Here all posts are sorted correctly. This blog has two languages, Norwegian and English. English is fallback for Norwegian, and Norwegian is fallback for English.

After todays update, you can see for yourself, in Norwegian and English. At the top of the list, the posts in the current language are sorted correctly, then the posts in the other language(s) are displayed in seemingly random order.

Update May 21st 2024: Optimizely has now accepted tis as (a new) bug CMS-34233. Untill this is fixed I have added the last line in the following code to my ListPageController.

    .OrderByDescending(x => x.StartPublish)

...to fix the sorting. The downside is that I'm not able the change the sortorder from edit mode.