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Publish content to Optimizely CMS using a custom GPT from OpenAI 🤖

Before: GPT for consuming content

A couple of weeks ago I described how I created a GPT that consumes content from my blog. It makes it possible to have a conversation about everything covered on this blog.

What if the GPT could do more than just consume content, but also generate it? By integrating API-s (referred to as Actions), a GPT may not only retrieve information but also interact with the external environment.

Now: GPT for creating content

I created a GPT that can publish content to Optimizely CMS, specifically to this blog. It allows for functionalities like searching, creating, editing, and more. Typically, one would keep such a GPT private, but as an experiment, I've made mine publicly accessible. You may also publish content to my blog, using this GPT.

One example on how I created this article on Extreme Weather Around the World.

I had an idea for a blog post, but I asked the GPT (that has access to the internet) to do some research and create a blog post. In my example the blog post is published right away, but in a more real-life scenario you could start with a draft only available to authenticated editors. The editors might review, and make changes, before publishing.

Me asking the GPT to do some research and write a blog post

The GPT is searching the internet and visiting a lot of different websites. This can take some time.

The GPT is searching for

Then the GPT is talking to this blog.

The GPT is talking to www.gulla.net

And a first draft is created.

The initial blog post, before further refinement

The first draft is often not perfect, so I make some adjustments. Maybe add an image?

Adding an image

And move the image to the top.

Moving the image

Also add an image byline.

Adding image attribution

And get rid of inches and Fahrenheit!

Final adjustments, removing the imperial system

And then, my editorial companion crafted a blog post I can continue to refine if I want.

A different editorial experience

You may see this as a supplement to the ordinary editorial experience. You might use it from your phone (currently GPT-s with actions is not supported in the IOS-app but can be used in a browser) while on the go, and save a draft for later reviewal and publishing.

Maybe Optimizely soon will launch some kind of Editor Copilot that let you do exactly this...

What else can you do with a GPT?

If it has an API, you may use it as either input or output! If the API-s exist, you might order pizza, or control the lighting in your living room. You may get suggestions on an investment plan based on your saving account balance. You might control the heat based on current electricity prices.

The only limitations are your imagination and the API-s!