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Adjust log levels in Optimizely DXP

In order to adjust the log levels in Optimizely DXP yourself, you must first get access to the resources in the Azure Portal. To get access, fill in this form.

Azure portal, Optimizely DXP directory

Select «All resources» and the subscription with the name matching your customer.

Azure portal, all resources

Find the only «App Service» in the list. You will only have access to the Integration environment. If you want to change log levels for other environments, you will have to contact Optimizely support.

Azure portal, app service logs

Find «App Service logs» in the left menu, and select the desired log level.

Paas portal, restart site

You will probably have to restart the site (Troubleshoot tab in the paas portal), for the changes to take effect.

Application logs, paas portal

Then you can view your application logs with desired log level.

Remember to return the log level to «Warning» when you are done investigating.

That's all!