Content Manager Update!

Content Manager is finally updated, and it's now possible to create and publish content without going through a bunch of meaningless steps.


Content Manager, the greatest thing since sliced bread?

No! Optimizely Content Manager is a lightweight editing UI that aims to make publishing content easier, as it takes away some of the complexity. I like the idea, but here are two main issues left before Content Manager could be used in a production environment.


New SQL addon for Episerver CMS

I enjoy poking around in the Episerver database, so I made an addon to make it easier! Enjoy autocomplete, save your favorite queries for later - but be careful!

Moduler SQL

Datasikkerhet à la hakkespettboken

Det er ofte snakk om ny teknologi, men man kan også finne løsninger ved å se langt, langt tilbake i historien. Til og med hakkespettboken skrevet for over 2000 år kan løse dagens sikkerhets­utford­ringer!

Egenskaper Moduler SQL

The globe is back!

After disappearing in Episerver.CMS.UI 11.21.0, the globe is finally back in Episerver.CMS.UI 11.30.0.


What happened to Episerver Social Reach?

Reading the documentation, Episerver Social Reach sounds like a nice tool, being able to post to multiple social media from the same user interface. I'm sorry, but Episerver Social Reach is dead!


Inspect your Episerver Find index!

Have you ever published a meaningless change to a Episerver page, just to make sure the Find index is up to date? Have you struggled with the Find UI to figure out what’s indexed for the page you just had opened in edit mode? One simple addon solves both problems!

Episerver Find Moduler Søk

Put the globe back in Episerver!

In the latest update of the Episerver UI, a handy shortcut (the globe) was removed from the toolbar. Using dojo and javascript, I created a module that puts the globe back!